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Capital market data have been calculated by the HHL Chair of Finance. The calculation is based on market prices derived from Datastream and Deutsche Bundesbank. Data have been carefully derived and calculated; nevertheless no guarantee can be given for the correctness. Current Data were taken on July 15, 2020 and are accessible for basic and premium member. Premium members have additional access to our data archive containing data as of 2007 (archive data are provided under the resp. section; you need to be logged in for access).

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Multiples *

EV/EBIT, EV/Sales,  EV/EBITDA, PE, Price/Sales quarterly

Betas *

1-2-5-years quarterly

Returns *

Return on Equity, Return on Capital, Dividend payout quarterly


Diagrams_PE Sample 2018

EV_EBITDA Sample 2018

Beta 1-year Sample 2018

Returns Sample 2018

Svensson Yield Curve Sample 2017

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finexpert Report *

quart. Development of multiples and betas as of 2009, Takeover Report, PE | Research Corner


finexpert Beta-Report Sample 2017

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Capital Market Data as of 2007

finexpert Report * as of 2011

Quarterly finexpert Report

The finexpert Report will be offered every quarter. Being the only objective, market based, regularly published and free accessible industry data finexpert industry multiples and betas have become an important information source for market participants. In the quarterly update our tables of current multiples and beta estimates will be combined with comments and graphs on the most recent developments of this market data. Additionally the quarterly market update will contain information on recent transactions and exits in the PE sector in Germany and Worldwide. Finally our update will pick one particular scientific point of interest and give a short comment on most recent developments in the academic discussion on this field. >more

(PDF Sample for non-members December 2014 Q4)

Literature Recommendation Capital Market Data

Multiples und Beta-Faktoren für deutsche Branchen – Erläuterungen zu den Kapitalmarktdaten von und CORPORATE FINANCE Sven Arnold, Alexander Lahmann, Bernhard Schwetzler Corporate Finance biz, 2 (2011) 7, 430-434 This article discloses data source, definitions of data items, and the methods of calculating finexpert's capital market data in a transparent and reproducible manner. >more

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