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Here you find tutorials (Prof. B. Schwetzler) linked with the underlying presentation. You can directly jump to a particular chapter of the lecture.

Questions of doubt in corporate valuation, Youtube channel Bernhard Schwetzler

QoD25(Feb11,22): Again – Wat is the impact of inflation on corporate value? Part I: A simple model>more

QoD24(Feb5,21): Re-/Delevering: ßL = ßU (1+D/E) or ßL = ßU (1+(1-t)D/E) ?>more

QoD23(Nov10,19): Is there something wrong with unicorn valuation?>more

QoD22(Nov1,19): Does the investor´s holding period have an impact on corporate valuation?>more

QoD21(May22,19): What is the circularity problem and is a Newton approximation a good way to solve it? >more

QoD20(Jan18,19): How does the debt policy affect the firm´s beta?>more

QoD19 (Jan8,19): Do I really need to care about a "debt policy" in DCF valuation?>more

QoD18 (Nov23,18): How can I distinguish between promised and expected yields when deriving the cost of debt? >more

QoD17 (Nov16,18): In case of defaultable debt: Can a firm´s cost of debt exceed its cost of equity?  >more

QoD16 (Nov9,18): Is there a general, more flexible „debt policy“ than MM and/or ME?  >more

QoD15 (Nov2,18): Is there anything special about negative Free Cash flows? (advanced) >more

QoD14 (Oct19,18): What is a debt policy and how does it affect DCF valuation?>more

QoD13 (Oct12,18): Is there anything special about negative Free Cash flows? (simple version)>more

QoD12 (Oct5,18): Shall I use nominal or effective tax rates/tax payments in DCF valuation? >more

QoD11 (Sept28,18): Is there a difference between DCF Flow to Equity DCF and Dividend Discount models? >more

QoD10 (Sept21,18): Which models are able to include fading growth into terminal value calculation? (Part II)>more

QoD9 (Sept14,18): Which models are able to include fading growth into terminal value calculation? (Part I) >more

QoD8 (Sept7,18): Shall I apply fade factors on the growth rate in terminal value calculation? >more

QoD7 (Aug31,18): Gordon-Shapiro model or value driver model for terminal value caclulation? >more

QoD6 (Aug24,18): Does the Gordon-Shapiro growth model fully capture inflation?>more

QoD5 (Aug10,18): Are there sanity checks for the growth assumptions in the terminal value calculation?>more

QoD4 (Aug3,18): Are pension reserves part of the equity bridge in DCF valuation?>more

QoD3 (July27,18): Cost of capital of pension reserves >more

QoD2 (July20,18): Relevering/delevering beta factors: gross debt or net debt leverage?>more

QoD1 (July13,18): WACC and target capital structure – gross debt or net debt? >more

finexpert | EACVA

Zwei Probleme der Unternehmensbewertung: Kapitalstruktur und Wachstum

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schwetzler
This video shows a presentation of Professor Bernhard Schwetzler at the 11th annual meeting of the EACVA about common issues in corporate valuation: capital structure and beta adjustments with respect to the use of gross or net debt, as well as growth and the "steady state" assumption. >more

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