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Basics are short introductive notes on certain valuation and corporate finance issues.
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Basics Topics
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Bank Valuation
Multiple-based valuation
Flow to Equity Models (and Ertragswertverfahren)
Cost of Financial Distress
Cost of debt in Corporate Valuation
Real Options in Corporate Valuation
Inflation: How to ... deal with higher levels of inflation in corporate valuation


Notes are shorter contributions posted by the HHL Finance Chair or other finexpert members. They address practical problems in finance and are intended to discuss and comment on proposals and procedures etc. that relate to these problems. Being a member of finexpert allows you to post your own notes and to comment on other notes.
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Notes Topics
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Note on Accounting for the Impairment of Assets under IFRS (2011)
Note on Using the “Svensson procedure” to estimate the risk free rate in corporate valuation (2011)
Note on PIPES (2011)
Note on Adjusted Beta (2011)
Note on Changes of the Ownership Interest in a Group and Associated Questions of Revaluation (2011)
Note on Purchase Price Allocation (2010)
Note on MACs (2010)
Note on Beta Estimates (2010)
Note on Impairment Tests (2009)
Note on the Quality of Multiples in the Corporate Valuation (2009)
Note on the War of Metrics (2009)
Note on Conglomerate Discount (2008)
Note on Economic Value Added (2008)
A Note on Cost of Debt per Industry (2008)
League Tables and Fairness Opinions (2008)
Inflation and Corporate Value (2008)
Do Personal Taxes Affect Security Prices — Some Thoughts about Capital Gains Taxes (2008)
A Note on Enterprise Value Multiple-Consistent Net Debt Definitions (2008)
A Note on Cash Holdings and Corporate Valuation (2008)
Comment on Schwetzler "Note on Stock Option Plans" (2008)

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